welcome to my website

i'm Jo, a 20s-something online [TODO: GENDER] gremlin who revives a project from the void once-a-while, and likes to work on/with systems of all kinds (not just the computery ones)

i've done some things and programmed some stuff, and so you may recognise me from this profile picture:
A headshot art of rimuru, a fictional character. the person in the photo has light blue hair framing their face, and they grin at the 'camera'.
(look at this dork)

recently i've started changing my profile picture to something that feels more like "me":
A headshot art of a humanoid with silver-blue hair, dark sclera in their eyes, and white-light irises, they grin at the 'camera'.
(look at this doofus)

the domain name is indicative of what people usually say when they see my stuff

my stuff:

my contact page: click here to download

(this site is a perpetual work in progress)